Virginia Wireless Association

The Virginia Wireless Association (VAWA) is a nonprofit professional association that was formed in 2008 to develop an official forum for the wireless industry and wireless telecommunication professionals in Virginia. Membership in the VAWA is free.

The Virginia Wireless Association was formed to promote an understanding of both the benefits and the necessity of wireless service in and for the state of Virginia. In order for wireless service to exist, infrastructure is required. Our organization is dedicated to educating not only local & state governments, but also the communities throughout Virginia about wireless service and what is required to actually make it work. Like our national affiliate PCIA, the VAWA will work to ensure that the future envisioned by the drafting of the 1996 Telecommunications Act becomes a reality in Virginia bringing wireless service to all areas of our state.

Join us at the AGL Conference in Washington, DC on June 25th:

VAWA will be hosting the Social/Networking Event from 5:00 p.m. -7:00 p.m. Discount available for VAWA members.  ...registration and more information

 VAWA Happy Hour:

May 28th 2015 in Richmond, VA. ... registration & more information

Save the date for Virginia Wireless’ 2015 Golf Event:

Oct. 5th 2015 Cavalier Golf and Yacht Club Virginia Beach, Va.

New dates for the Wireless Symposium and Summer School 2015:

May 27,28,29. VT Wireless is celebrating its 25th Silver Anniversary, so they have a lot of special events scheduled. More information online at:

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